Die Wahrheit über Inflation

Warum Geldentwertung jeden etwas angeht, wie sie manipuliert wird und wie man es durchschaut
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Inflation in Germany has been climbing to new highs for years. Savers rightly fear high prices and the loss of their assets - but this must not disguise the fact that we are at a turning point: the creeping process of deflation, i.e. the decline in price levels and the increase in the value of money, has already begun, which in turn means rethinking the way we invest our money.

What do we really know about inflation and how it relates to hyperinflation and deflation, and where do we currently stand? Mark Mobius, one of the world's most renowned investors, gives a fascinating insight into the history of the appreciation and depreciation of money and shows how and why statistics can be used or manipulated by governments and central banks and how we can see through this.

Dr. Mark Mobius is one of the great experts on emerging markets. Due to his many travels around the globe looking for the best investment opportunities, he has been nicknamed "The Indiana Jones of Investment".

Mark Mobius, Karsten Petersen (Translator)
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