Passport to Profits

Why the Next Investment Windfalls Will be Found Abroad and How to Grab Your Share
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Mark Mobius is the father of emerging market investing. For over two decades, he′s traveled around the world in order to find undervalued companies before other investors do buying up shares in unheard–of companies in countries even sophisticated investors had long been inclined to dismiss.

During this time, he′s led the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund the world′s first listed emerging markets mutual fund to unparalleled success, helping investors reap the rewards of his hard work in the process.

Now, in this fully revised and updated edition of the bestselling Passport to Profits, Mobius presents his practical perspective on emerging markets and what it takes to successfully invest in them. In a globe–trotting tour from the Baltic coast to Brazil, Mobius gives you a feeling for what he does and why, by revealing daily scenes of his working life. Along the way, Mobius discusses his guidelines for investing abroad, showing you how to put money in areas of real growth. Mobius also shares some solid lessons in analyzing companies and new markets while searching for possible pitfalls and overlooked values.

Engaging and informative, this fully revised and updated edition of Passport to Profits will put you in a better position to invest abroad by providing you with a firm under– standing of the methods of research and analysis employed by the master investor in these notoriously turbulent markets.

Dr. Mobius spends over 300 out of every 365 days traveling around the world in search of the world′s best bargains.

Mark Mobius
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