Inflation? The system is broken, says Mark Mobius

Mark talks to Richard Hunter at Interactive Investor about his latest book. The Inflation Myth and the Wonderful World of Deflation, in which Mark persuasively argues that, while the principles of inflation may once have held true, changing technological realities have rendered inflationary measurements highly unreliable, deeply politicised and profoundly inaccurate.

Listened to the podcast:

Time-stamped highlights

02:32 “Inflation is always the centre of attention”

02:48 “Major decisions affecting millions of people are determined by inflation numbers”

03:38 The ‘distorted’ basket of goods

09:16 Why are central banks targeting an inflation rate of 2%?

11:59 iPhones: always waiting for the iteration

13:03 Instead of measuring inflation governments should be measuring technological growth

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