Media Round-Up: Mark Comments On The Coronavirus

In the past few weeks Mark has been asked by several media outlets to provide his views on the current crisis. He has commented on central bank measures, the coronavirus impact on growth, the decline in oil prices, the threat of a recession, how to pick stocks in a coronavirus market and much more. Please find below a selection of recent interviews. If you yourself would like to ask Mark a question, please email us at

4 March 2020, Bloomberg Daybreak Europe, Mobius: More Trump Tax Cuts Are What Markets Need Most
10 March 2020, CNBC Squawk Box: Emerging markets investor Mark Mobius on how coronavirus fears are hitting stocks
11 March 2020, CNBC TV18, Crisis not similar to one seen in 2008; lower oil prices good for India and some other countries, says Mark Mobius
11 March 2020. Bloomberg Daybreak Americas, Mark Mobius Is Focused on India, Turkey, Gold Amid Coronavirus Risk
12 March 2020, CNBC Africa, Mobius: Why it’s best to keep your powder dry as stocks plunge
13 March 2020, Bloomberg Quint: How To Pick Stocks In Coronavirus-Marred Indian Markets? Mark Mobius Has A Formula
13 March 2020, Economic Times India, Technically, we will be in recession in most parts of the globe, including India: Mark Mobius
18 March 2020, Mornings with Maria, FoxBusiness, How To Invest in A Coronavirus Market
24 March 2020, Daily Mail, This is Money, How to survive a stock market meltdown: Eight investors who have been through previous crashes share their top tips
24 March 2020, BLOOMBERG ASIA, Mobius Likes Alibaba and Gold Amid the Global Market Meltdown

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