MEDIA ROUNDUP: Mark Visits Sri Lanka


Daily Mirror, 11-Dec-19: Mark Mobius gives thumbs up to govt.`s stimulus package[]
Ceylon Today, 11-Dec-19: SOE Listing a must to boost liquidity[]
Daily Island, 12-Dec-19: Mark Mobius bullish on tourism real estate and tech in Sri Lanka []
Daily Mirror, 12-Dec-19: SL`s Economic revival depends on how fast govt.Effects changes DR.Mobius []
Daily FT, 12-Dec-19: SL poised for growth []
Daily Express, 12-Dec-19: Mark Mobius says Sri Lanka can resume high growth path with more tax cuts []
Daily News, 12-Dec-19: List state-owned enterprises to increase transparency - Dr Mobius []


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Economy Next, 10-Dec-19: []
Economy Next, 10-Dec-19: []
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Daily FT, 12-Dec-19:[]

TV Stations:

Channel Eye(SLRC), 10-Dec-19, News: []
Art TV, 10-Dec-19, State of Business: []
TV Derana, 10-Dec-19, News: []

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