"You’re sometimes got to take some pain in the short term in order to outperform in the future."

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Letter from South Africa — Bright Spots amid Challenges

Mark returns to South Africa for the first time in almost three years since he got caught in a lockdown in Durban in 2020.

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Indian Historical Films And Nationalism

Mark watches two opulent, historical Bollywood movies and finds the nationalistic sentiment mirrored in current politics.

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The Future(s) of Spices

Mark meets with representatives of the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) of India and learns how its introduction has impacted farmers

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Letter From Alappuzha

Mark travels to Kerala state in Southern India and visits "India's Venice" Alappuzha.

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A Visit To Malacca (Malaysia)

Mark visits Malaysia shortly after the 2018 elections that saw the ruling party defeated for the first time since British Independence.

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