"You’re sometimes got to take some pain in the short term in order to outperform in the future."

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COMMENT: Central Bank Policies And Inflation Targeting

For Mark Christine Lagarde's review of the ECB's monetary policies doesn't go far enough, especially when it comes to inflation.

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COMMENT: China's Slowing Growth And Its Implications

Mark is not too worried by China's slowing growth as it still compares well to other leading economies.

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Book Club: What I Am Reading

Mark's reading, as he puts it, is "rather eclectic". Recently he went from political commentators to healthy living to legal mysteries.

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Letter From Chennai

Mark visits Chennai in India and remembers the time when he first used to work there as a consultant in the domestic leather industry.

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From NAFTA To USMCA…. What’s In A Name?

Mark gives his view on the new trade agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico.

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